May 15, 2024
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Forging the Future of EV Charging: Insights from the Autel Partner Summit


The Autel Partner Summit was an essential gathering, bringing together Autel Europe’s official distribution partners across various European countries. This event was a showcase of significant innovations in EV charging solutions, and at FLEXeCHARGE, we were excited to participate alongside Autel Europe and Pixii, deepening our collaborative ties and showcasing technological advancements.

Showcasing Innovative Solutions

A major highlight of the summit was Autel Europe unveiling their new Mega Watt charging solution for heavy-duty electric vehicles, a technology that promises to significantly advance the electrification of heavy transport and align with global sustainability goals. Concurrently, Pixii showcased their latest Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) solution, which optimizes energy usage and enhances grid stability, complementing the existing charging infrastructure.

Strengthening Industry Collaborations

The summit was not only a platform for unveiling new products but also a moment to reinforce the collaborative ties among Autel Europe, FLEXeCHARGE, and Pixii. Our companies have closely worked to integrate our respective technologies—charging stations, smart energy management, and battery storage—to create an efficient and seamless EV charging ecosystem. This partnership leverages each company’s strengths to provide comprehensive solutions tailored for CPOs, site owners, and fleet operators, ensuring we stand stronger together in offering complete solutions to the market.

Our CTO & co-founder, Professor Robert Brehm, was invited to give a keynote address, where he presented the technological achievement of integrating with Pixii, and the Autel chargers, to offer a very solid and future-proof complete solutions to key customers such a CPOs. The full recording of his keynote will soon be available.

Video Recap and Further Insights

For those who could not attend, we have prepared a video recap that captures the unveiling of Autel Europe’s Mega Watt charger and Pixii’s BESS solution, alongside insights into our collaborative projects. This video offers a closer look at how the collaboration between Autel, Pixii and FLEXECHARGE came about, and why Autel sees it as very valuable cooperation.


The collaboration among Autel Europe, FLEXeCHARGE, and Pixii is poised to drive further innovation, making electric transport more accessible and sustainable. We are enthusiastic about the prospects of this collaboration and remain committed to pushing the boundaries of the industry together.

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