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Through our so-called “Spotlight” brochures, we invite you to dig deeper and get a good understanding of our unique offerings. From our HARMON-E platform to our integration of BESS with EV charging stations, get equipped with new knowledge.

HARMON-E: the powerful load and Energy Management Platform for CPOs.

Unlock the potential of your EV charging operations with HARMON-E, the cutting-edge load and energy management solution designed to optimize your sites, reduce costs, and ensure reliable, hassle-free charging. Download our brochure now to discover how HARMON-E's industry-leading features and advanced analytics can revolutionize your business and keep you ahead in the fast-growing e-mobility sector.

Battery-based Peak Shaving for Charge Point Operators

Learn how Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) can optimize your EV charging site by enhancing flexibility, cutting costs, and boosting customer satisfaction. Our detailed brochure explains how BESS effectively manages peak loads, avoids expensive grid upgrades, and seamlessly integrates renewable energy. Download the full BESS Spotlight brochure now to discover the full potential of your EV charging infrastructure.

DNO Control-feature for Charge Point Operators

Discover how our latest feature ensures compliance with VDE-AR-N regulations, helping Charge Point Operators seamlessly integrate EV chargers into the grid. With HARMON-E’s advanced load management and Gateway Connect, you can maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and stay ahead of Germany's evolving energy landscape. Download the full brochure to learn how to optimize your charging infrastructure and secure your competitive edge.

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