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We regularly organise webinars and virtual panels on the topics that are hot on the agenda of EV charging professionals. Integrating battery storage, handling grid constraints, or staying compliant to complex local regulations: discover conversations that will enable your business to stay ahead of competition.

Battery storage & EV charging: Challenges, Opportunities & Solutions

‍In this virtual panel, leading industry experts will discuss the integration of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) with EV charging infrastructure. ‍‍‍Sign up and explore the challenges and solutions in battery storage for EV charging through an engaging Q&A format with our experts.

German grid regulation and EV charging infrastructure: How to deal with grid operators' control requirements.

In this virtual panel, in German, leading industry experts discuss the challenges posed by the new energy regulation, which gives Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) the right to control charging stations remotely. Yes, we are talking about the (in)famous Technical Connection Rules for Low- and Medium-Voltage ("VDE-AR-N").

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