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Our Manifesto

Leading the charge in the electric revolution, our mission is to seamlessly integrate sustainable mobility across diverse landscapes. We innovate in software to empower the EV charging ecosystem, ensuring electric vehicles connect effortlessly with the grid. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to push technological boundaries for more efficient EV charging and grid integration.

Our platform is a cornerstone for Charge Point Operators and solution providers, enabling effective energy management, cost savings, and new revenue opportunities. United by innovation, sustainability, and collaboration, we're not just building infrastructure; we're crafting the future. Together, we're advancing towards a greener, more connected world, one charge at a time, embracing a sustainable future for all.

Our Story: a spin-off from the research world

Born from the pioneering spirit of research and innovation, our company embodies the essence of discovery and engineering excellence. Established in 2019 by a trio of visionaries, we emerged from the groundbreaking ‘carpeDIEM’ project led by Dr. Robert Brehm, which revolutionized energy management for micro-grids. Our mission is clear: to redefine energy and load management, driving progress in a sector ripe for transformation.

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The core team leading 
the charge

At our core, we are a team of developers and engineers, united by a shared DNA of imagination, creation, and continuous improvement. Our goal is to be at the forefront of Charge Point Operators’ EV charging operations, offering the most advanced intelligence in this dynamic field. As we grow, our family of talented engineers and professionals expands, united by our commitment to excellence and our dedication to delivering superior solutions to our customers across Europe, from the Baltic nations to the UK.

We are constantly looking for new talents to join us in our quest to develop the most innovative energy and load management solution. Make sure you check out the open positions from time to time - right here.

Robert Brehm
Max Brandt
Jan Köster
Christophe Lephilibert
Director of Marketing
Artur Jopek
Kasper Laursen
Nico Lindenau
Melis Duman
Business Development Assistant
Nicole Favero
Digital Marketing Assistant
Pascal Peilicke
Technical Support Specialist
Nicolas Lerch
Technical Sales Manager
Marie Haue Korsbak
Front-end Developer
Nicola Miori
Product Manager
Saverio Procopio
Full-Stack Developer Assistant
Paweł Nepelski
Full-Stack Developer Assistant
Abel Molnar
Finance Assistant

We've earned the support from leading venture capital and incubators

We are advised by some of the industry’s brightest professionals.

Manuel Heckmann
Innovation & Strategy Expert and Venture Capital Investor
Petr Fuzek
Director Business Line OEM
Wulf Schlachter
CEO at DXBe Management
Tobias Scharfen
CEO at ChargeX

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