Energy Management System for EV charging infrastructures

We provide EV charging professionals with a powerful, vendor-agnostic load & energy management platform, that orchestrates all their charging sites, including assets like battery storage and solar energy systems.
Reduce your operational costs, improve your bottom line and future-proof your charging infrastructures, thanks to our advanced solutions and our expertise.

They trust our solutions and expertise

They trust our solutions and expertise

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Helping you to optimise your charging infrastructure.

Fundamentally, we focus on serving two kinds of customers, main actors within the EV charging ecosystem.

Charge Point 

As a CPO, you buy and sell electricity to EV drivers. You manage a complex and growing network of charging stations and focus on delivering a great experience to each and every visitor.

Discover how we can help you to optimise your operations and achieve profitability faster.

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Charging Solutions Providers

As a CSP, you source all the parts needed to establish a charging site – chargers, a charge points management system, battery storage - and integrate them into a seamless package for your customers. 

Find out how we can help to bring down your operational costs and have more upsell opportunities.

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A powerful load and energy management platform

A central hub that combines data, configurations, and control into one intuitive panel. Simplify your energy management, optimize efficiency, and experience the future today.

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One Service Cockpit

All your charging sites in one single view.

One central data hub

All data in one place.

VPP ready

API to control the entire portfolio

Tailored load management connectors for all your sites

To connect your charging infrastructure to the Platform, we offer two types of connectors. Choose depending on each individual site's needs.
We are the only one offering both cloud and local Load Management. Lean on our unique expertise.

Local load management

Integrate charging stations with local energy assets like buildings, PV-systems, or stationary batteries, thanks to the Gateway Connect for truly dynamic load management.

Cloud load management

Integrate charging stations directly with the HARMON-E platform for ultra-flexible load management.

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Why market leaders choose FLEXECHARGE

We provide a vendor-agnostic platform that makes managing energy flows to EVs easy. From smart load management, data aggregation and analytics to integrating third-party services, we provide an advanced solution to help you optimise and scale commercial charging infrastructures.

At the heart of our technology is our platform’s unique “3 layer architecture”. 

Discover how this is a game changer.

Contributing to EV charging professionals' success

FLEXECHARGE powers more than 4,000 chargers for businesses. Read what we do to empower these professionals to be more successful.

"FLEXECHARGE has been an invaluable partner in our journey. We've successfully collaborated on multiple projects, and their solutions have consistently met our needs, whether it's for straightforward load management or more complex challenges. FLEXECHARGE's intuitive approach has made a real difference for us.“ - Bastian Gördes, emobility project manager - Bastian Gördes, Part of the management board and technical director
Viggo energy case
“The adoption of FLEXeCHARGE's solutions revolutionized our load management capabilities, allowing for a more dynamic and efficient utilization of our charging stations.“ - Mads Wind, CEO
NWG Charging
While being easy to integrate, FLEXeCHARGE is also a great partner to work with on our projects. With quick response times and helpful guides we can get our infrastructures up and running rather quickly and reliably. - Simon Loos, Project Engineer
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Leading-edge security for your charging infrastructure

Our platform ensures top-tier protection by adhering to critical infrastructure security standards, including WSS connections and robust security profiles ranging from Basic Authentication to TLS with Client Side Certificates. For gateway access, we employ a comprehensive security framework featuring TLS with Client Side Certificates and fortified platform access through Multi-factor authentication.

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Advanced Load Management: the fundament for efficient EV Charging operations

Explore the essentials of advanced Load Management in this guide. Uncover the complexities of integrating EV charging systems with existing power grids, a critical challenge in energy management. Discover how solid Load & energy management solutions ensure an efficient, secure, and scalable charging infrastructure.