A charge controller with build in load management for new         electric vehicle chargers and retrofits.

With a FLEXeCHARGE controller inside a charge station,  no central load management is needed.

Charge stations running the FLEXeCHARGE controller will automatically connect to each other and organize load management among each other.


As well as being independent from a central load management system, FLEXeCHARGE offers the following advantages:

Plug & Play: Simply define the maximum available capacity and FLEXeCHARGE will  handle the rest.

Scalable: Additional charge station connections will happen automatically.

Flexibility: Allowing configuration of individual customer requirements.

More cost effective for small and medium sized charge infrastructures.

Can be remotely monitored via OCPP or FLEXeCLOUD from everywhere

Can easily be retrofitted in existing charge stations from different vendors.

On top of dynamic load management, FLEXeCHARGE offers the following charge policies:

Clustering: Groups of charge stations can
run their separate load management profiles.

Defined Priorities: Selected guests or employees get priority charging.

Defined Priorities: Based on the First come First served principle.


ALL in ONE load management.

FLEXeCHARGE can integrate to local energy sources, local storage and market tariffs to maximize the utilization of local energy.

As well as dynamic load management for EV fleets, FLEXeCHARGE can integrate to:

FLEXeCHARGE integrates local energy sources to maximize local energy utilization.

FLEXeCHARGE integrates to local storage to optimize energy cost.

Can easily be retrofitted in existing charge stations from different vendors.


Based on the ease of installation and commissioning, FLEXeCHARGE is perfect for small and medium size closed charge station infrastructures at private companies and public services. 

As FLEXeCHARGE is replacing a central load management system it brings a significant cost advantage.

Technical specification:

The FLEXeCHARGE controller supports IEC 62196 compliant mode 3 charging using type 2 plugs.


The controller is a compatible DIN Rail unit,  easy to be installed in new and existing charge stations. FLEXeCHARGE is compliant to IEC 62196, IEC 61851-1 .


FLEXeCHARGE partners and customers

Producers of charge stations

System integrators

Planners and energy project consultants

End customers who would like to retrofit the FLEXeCHARGE controller



ALL in ONE load management


Max Brandt, Sales

maxbrandt [at] FLEXeCHARGE.com