Holistic charging provider
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How FLEXeCHARGE's vendor-agnostic solution revolutionised Lade.Zeit’s EV charging business

Holistic charging provider

The who:

Lade.Zeit, a German Charging Service Provider (CSP) based in the North Rhine-Westphaliaregion, offers a comprehensive range of services for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Their expertise spans from providing individual components to delivering integrated charging solutions, covering site assessments, custom planning,station operation, monitoring, billing, and maintenance.

As a general contractor,Lade.Zeit simplifies the complexity of electromobility for its clients by supplying turnkey charging solutions that meet their specific requirements.The company identified a need for an advanced solution capable of navigating the complexities of electric vehicle charging and excelling in dynamic load management.

The what:

This is where we came into play. Prior to collaborating with FLEXeCHARGE, Lade.Zeit faced challenges in integrating a variety of charging hardware, including their own stations and those from manufacturers like Alpitronic and EnerCharge, along with incorporating Charge Cloud backend system (so-called CPMS).

We introduced a solution characterized by its total interoperability,enabling Lade.Zeit to unify disparate charging stations from various manufacturers into a single backend system, thus simplifying operations. A key aspect that impressed Lade.Zeit was FLEXeCHARGE's vendor-independent dynamic load management. This feature was crucial for Lade.Zeit, providing not just a technical solution but also a partnership with deep expertise in load and energy management.

Our consultancy services played a pivotal role in guiding Lade.Zeit through the intricacies of hardware integration and adherence to European standards marking a significant milestone, mitigating the risks associated with hardware vendor relationships and facilitating future adaptations in CPMS systems with ease.

The result:

This approach offered flexibility and ensured operational efficiency. Moreover, our technical expertise and platform served as a form of quality assurance, enabling Lade.Zeit to adhere to strict standards and protocols. Allowing them to manage energy consumption effectively and avoid load peaks, leading to cost savings and smoother operations. Bastian, a key member of the Lade.Zeit team, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, noting that FLEXeCHARGE has been a crucial partner in their endeavors.

From simple load management to addressing more intricate challenges, we were able to adress all challanges Lade.Zeit threw at us making a significant impact on their operations. This partnership exemplifies the importance of innovation and collaboration in addressing complex challenges within the EV charging sector.

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