Jun 26, 2024
3 min read

Power2Drive 2024

From Wednesday morning until Friday afternoon, the FLEXECHARGE booth, with its cool futuristic look, was buzzing with guests from across Europe. We are truly thankful for everybody’s interest in our tech & solutions.

This year, on our booth, we had three main focus areas:
1. letting visitors browse around and experience HARMON-E, our powerful (and sleek looking!) load & energy management platform
2. giving visitors a better understanding of our groundbreaking BESS integration set-up, which enablesg EV charging professionals to deploy battery storage on your charging sites - in a fully vendor-neutral way, as always
3. Introducing our unique, plug&play "DNO Control" feature, that enables CPOs and infrastructure owners, stay compliant to the (in)famous VDE-AR-N 4100 & VDE-AR-N 4110 rules, as they expand on the German market

We had the pleasure to welcome some of biggest European CPOs, a testimonial of their recognition of our outstanding technology and solutions.

Among the biggest “trends” from the trade show, we can mention:

  • DC is the new normal: we spotted dozens of DC chargers, from known, less known and completely unknown manufacturers. As a CPO, the choice is certainly getting bigger each year, which is, we think, is a great opportunity
  • Super-fast charging and megawatt charging are ramping up: some manufacturers have developed chargers delivering 400 - or more – kW. Lightning fast! And more than handful of them are also ready to ship so-called Megawatt chargers, fitted with custom charge guns, adapted to EV trucks
  • Charger with built-in battery storage: some manufacturers are betting on a deep integration of their chargers with battery storage, making them attractive for a quick deployment. But what is best: chargers with integrated battery or keep them separated? The jury is still out on this question.

We cannot wait to be back in May 2025 – see you there (on a bigger booth!).

Enjoy the recap video.

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