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The Pixii collaboration: Why battery storage could be a game-changer for CPOs

Why battery storage on EV charging hubs is a becoming popular solution

As the electric vehicle (EV) revolution accelerates, the spotlight turns to the infrastructure powering these sustainable modes of transportation. The challenge of expanding EV charging capabilities presents a barrier to widespread adoption. This article explores the challenges of EV charging infrastructure, the overlooked opportunities in battery technology, and the cooperative effort between FLEXeCHARGE and Pixii. Their partnership focuses on supporting advancements in electric mobility.

The present challenge: A bottleneck in EV Charging for CPOs

The transition from combustion engine to EVs brings to light a significant challenge within the charging infrastructure that powers these vehicles. Charge Point Operators (CPOs), who play a pivotal role in deploying and managing EV charging stations, are at a crossroads. They are tasked with expanding their network to accommodate the growing fleet of EVs, yet they face an uphill battle against the limitations of the existing electrical grid. This grid, designed for a bygone era, struggles to support the rapid increase in electricity demand from EV charging. The most straightforward solution—upgrading transformer substations to enhance grid capacity—proves to be prohibitively expensive, often exceeding €100,000, posing a substantial financial hurdle for CPOs aiming to scale their operations. In addition, it is often a time-consuming process to apply for additional grid capacity and then actually project the grid connection reinforcement.

Why batteries, until now, haven not been the go-to solution

The integration of battery storage systems offers a beacon of hope for addressing the grid's limitations, yet CPOs have approached this solution with caution. The initial hesitance stems from a complex web of challenges. Firstly, the integration process is fraught with complexities, requiring sophisticated coordination between the battery system and the EV chargers to prevent concurrent peak demand. Moreover, the significant upfront investment required for battery systems, coupled with the lack of standardized solutions, has restricted CPOs' ability to adopt this potentially transformative technology. Lastly, the reliance on proprietary integration methods has further compounded the issue, leading to vendor lock-in scenarios that limit operational flexibility and hinder innovation.

Lithium-ion Battery Pack Prices Rise for First Time to an Average of $151/kWh - BloombergNEF

Unlocking the potential of batteries for CPOs

Beneath the surface, stationary battery storage systems harbour untapped potential that extends far beyond grid constraint mitigation. These systems can transform the economic landscape for CPOs by introducing new revenue streams and operational efficiencies. Batteries enable peak shaving, significantly reducing demand charges during peak usage times. Additionally, participation in grid services such as frequency regulation, demand response, and energy trading presents lucrative opportunities. This multi-faceted approach not only addresses the immediate financial and operational challenges but also propels the EV charging infrastructure towards sustainability and resilience, aligning with broader environmental goals.

Recognizing the transformative potential of battery storage, we, at FLEXeCHARGE, have been preparing for this new era, where battery storage could become part of the blueprint of CPOs’ charging hubs. We started to develop abstraction layer in our platform, which could enable us to connect with any battery energy storage system (BESS) provider, with very little effort (it takes approximately only weeks to validate the compatibility and test). This new type of integration would also benefit BESS providers, unlocking a faster go-to-market as they can, through our platform, integrate with any OCPP-ready EV charger brand on the market!

First compatible BESS provider: Pixii

Together with Pixii, a leader in Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), we are excited to announce a strategic alliance aimed at transforming the efficiency of EV chargers. This collaboration combines Pixii's innovative BESS technology with our open platform to optimize charging operations at EV charging sites, particularly benefiting Charge Point Operators (CPOs).

This partnership is set to streamline the integration of Pixii’s advanced battery systems with any EV charger to improve grid flexibility and support growing demand at high-traffic charging stations. By uniting Pixii’s storage capabilities with our intelligent charging solutions, the partnership addresses the urgent need for scalable energy distribution strategies in fast-charging environments, thereby reducing the reliance on grid expansion and lowering operational costs.

Stationary energy storage serves as a critical buffer, reducing peak demands on the grid and enabling a more efficient and sustainable charging infrastructure. By integrating with our grid & energy management platform, Pixii's solutions can now be readily applied to diverse projects, bypassing the previous challenges of brand-specific compatibility. This plug-and-play solution facilitates a much quicker deployment and simplifies operations, enabling straightforward integration with various charging stations.

“In partnering with FLEXeCHARGE, we see a substantial leap forward in addressing the operational needs of the EV charging sector. This alliance not only expedites our approach to market but also extends our technology's reach across a broader spectrum of charging infrastructures," says Volker Rossmann, CSO at Pixii. "By integrating our advanced battery systems with FLEXeCHARGE’s intelligent platform, we deliver a more scalable, efficient solution, directly tackling the challenges our clients face in energy management and system compatibility."

Robert Brehm, co-founder & CTO of FLEXeCHARGE, adds, "This partnership ensures that both the stationary battery and charging infrastructure operate seamlessly through our platform. By synchronizing these elements, we enhance the battery's effectiveness in managing peak loads and contributing to the energy market's flexibility."

This partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies, setting new benchmarks for the EV charging industry. With a shared commitment to innovation and sustainability, Pixii and FLEXeCHARGE are set to drive the future of efficient and sustainable EV charging solutions.

Conclusion: empowering the transition to eMobility

Joining forces, FLEXeCHARGE and Pixii embark on a pivotal move within the electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape. Integrating sophisticated battery storage technologies, they tackle significant barriers impeding the growth of charging networks. This collaborative effort underscores a shared focus on innovation and environmental stewardship, aiming to fortify electric mobility through a sustainable and efficient charging infrastructure. This initiative plays a crucial role in the broader shift towards electric mobility, underscoring the drive towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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