May 30, 2024
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Will we embrace the electric path to meet climate goals or stick to the status quo?

Last week Green Power Denmark hosted their annual summit, bringing together the energy sector to discuss Europe's green future and we attended too at K.B. Hallen in Copenhagen.

As a company based in Copenhagen and our activities rapidly expanding here, it made perfect sense for us to participate and gain insights into Denmark's position on the green transition and overall electrification.

The summit featured a great program, offering valuable insights.  

Here are our key takeaways:

  • We gained important knowledge about where candidates from Danish parties stand in the upcoming European Parliament election.  
  • The common focus was firstly for the different candidates from the different parties to get their point out there. Commonly they stood the ground for a greener future – but differing on how much influence The European Parliament should have overall.  

  • The Danish Minister of Climate, Lars Aagard, delivered a compelling keynote, stressing the importance of electrifying not just Denmark, but all of Europe.
  • The most significant takeaways were underlined with the fact that electrification plays a decisive role in moving the EU in a greener direction.  
  • It was also stressed that there is a risk that we could end up with less focus on green transition on the other side of this European Parliament election. The EU-critical and climate-critical movements are gaining ground in large parts of Europe. But we hope, as well as the minister, that it can act as a motivation to do even more and use it as a platform for innovation.  

  • Andrew Caruana Galizia, Head of Europe and Eurasia was leading this on behalf of Economic World Forum.  
  • The keynote speaker placed a significant focus on ensuring a future for everyone in the green transition, emphasizing management, diversity, and inclusion and how we might look at green transition moving forward.  

  • We celebrated the excitement surrounding the company that won this year's Green Power prize. Again, congratulations to HybridGreentech for your outstanding work and the development of a technology that significantly advances electrification and brings us all forward.  

  • And last, but certainly not least, the satire group #magt gave a funny outlook through music and theater on the green transition and the state of Danish politics. Our college at least had quite a few laughs!

Overall, the summit was well planned and contained a lot of important keynote speakers varying from a political focus, transitioning workforce to bring everyone onboard and a holistic outlook on how we succeed with the green transition.  

We look forward to participating again next year!  

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