A picture of our Edge Computing Device the Gateway Connect.

Local Load Management

Seamlessly integrate charging infrastructures with building energy management systems, power meters, PV systems, and more.

Get Started
Set up rapidly

The Gateway Connect integrates seamlessly without configuration into any charging infrastructure.

Plug and play network

An integrated 4G router provides a local network for the charging infrastructure.

Integrate freely

Easily connect and configure any connected devices, such as inverters and charging stations, through the cloud.



rapidly at any infrastructure

Reduce setup and configuration time with the Gateway Connect.

An image describing the ports of our Edge Computing Device the Gateway Connect

No local configuration

All you need is to connect the Gateway Connect to power and a local network to connect your charging infrastructure to the FLEXeCHARGE Platform; everything can be done remotely.

Integrated Router

An integrated LTE Router supplies network access for any connected devices, drastically simplifying setup maintenance and improving reliability. An Independent local network provides the maximum level of security for the site owner.

Reliable hardware

No matter where you need to install the Gateway Connect, our industrial spec hardware and antenna setup ensure perfect connection at all times.



load management with 4 clicks

Design your load management remotely in the time it takes to get a coffee.

Screenshots from the Platform showing load management configuration

Access from anywhere

Every device connected to the Gateway Connect can be remotely accessed and managed.

Configure your smart charging

With access to any connected devices, you can configure your load management as you need it.

What our load management can do

Monitor everything

All Gateway Connects can be accessed through the Platform, putting everything you need into a single place.



features and third parties

Connect third party softwares to your infrastructure and implement advanced features.

Logos from partners that we support and can integrate

Advanced native features

Seamlessly apply features such as clustering, peak shaving, and more to your infrastructures.

Connect third party systems

Easily integrate third-party systems such as backends, fleet, and energy management software.

Stay flexible

With the proxy architecture, there is no need to change existing systems, and swapping out third-party systems can be done quickly and remotely.

Read more on how it works

Read how the FLEXeCHARGE Gateway Connect revolutionizes edge computing devices and how the proxy architecture combines the best of both worlds.
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