HARMON-E, a unique and powerful load & energy management platform

Discover the future of grid integration for your charging infrastructure. HARMON-E is an additional layer across your entire portfolio of charging sites. Beyond the load balancing on each local site, our platform aggregates and gives you seamless access to both the power trading and the flexibility markets.

Make your charging sites portfolio VPP ready

By aggregating all your sites, you can easily participate both in the electricity trading and the flexibility markets, generating additional revenue and moving your business closer to profitability. 

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One Service Cockpit

All your charging sites in one single view.

One central data hub

All data in one place.

"Virtual Power Plant" ready

Leverage our API to aggregate your entire portfolio

Benefits of a central aggregation platform

Our platform empowers your team to perform advanced monitoring and provides them with actionable insights. The benefits? A 100% control view and the ability to plan 
ahead of time.

Real-time insights

Unlock the power of real-time operational insights with our advanced energy and charging analytics.

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Easy commissioning

Giving you the possibility to configure and commission each charging sites on your own - no need for costly support.

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Data Interoperability

HARMON-E excels in data interoperability through its vendor-agnostic platform, integrating seamlessly with various systems via APIs. This approach ensures compatibility with chargers, CPMS, and energy storage alike, streamlining operations and enhancing analytics. Its open architecture not only fosters flexibility but also adapts effortlessly to the dynamic 
EV charging industry.

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Compatible Partners

Do not hesitate to contact us to get a full list of compatible solutions

Discover a unique architecture

We can pride ourselves to have developed a breakthrough architecture, the “secret ingredient” of our platform. Discover it now.

Best-in-class site load management

We engineer an advanced tech-centric platform that boasts sophisticated functionalities like algorithm-driven adaptive charging, customizable prioritization matrices, and strategic peak load attenuation, all orchestrated via an intuitive cloud-based portal for optimal, tech-savvy charging efficiency.

Adaptive Charging

Adaptive charging intelligently detects fully charged vehicles, redistributing currents to others. It adjusts to actual vehicle currents, minimizing unused allocations for streamlined efficiency.


Optimize charging with preferences based on time, energy, or RFID. Adapt to unique scenarios, ensuring efficient power distribution and tailored solutions for diverse infrastructures.

DNO Control

DNO Control gives the distribution network operator (DNO) the possibility to regulate the power output of the charging infrastructure in case of a significant grid imbalance.