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Announcing our seed funding round to accelerate growth

We are thrilled to share an exhilarating milestone in our mission to transform sustainable mobility by seamlessly integrating electric vehicle charging with the grid: the successful closure of a significant seed funding round.

This landmark achievement is not just a financial boost but a validation of our vision and hard work. Renowned venture capital firms Greencode Ventures, Link Capital, and Vireo Ventures have joined us on this journey, each bringing a wealth of expertise and insight to the table.

Max Brandt, our CEO, reflects on this achievement, "We see ourselves as the conductors of the e-mobility transition, addressing the critical challenge of energy grid capacity in an era of increasing renewable energy and EV market share."

Manuel Heckmann of Greencode Ventures shares, "FLEXeCHARGE’s unique positioning with its advanced intelligent platform and solid customer base makes it a standout in the industry."

Christian Rangen of Link Capital echoes this sentiment, "We are excited to back a company that is poised to lead in the energy and load management space."

Thomas Labryga of Vireo Ventures adds, "Their technologically advanced product efficiently addresses a tangible problem in the charging industry, and we are proud to support their journey."

Our CTO, CEO and CFO

This funding is a pivotal moment for us. It propels our technological advancements in smart load and energy management for electric vehicle (EV) charging platforms. Our goal remains steadfast: to seamlessly integrate large-scale commercial charging sites with the grid, addressing the increasing demand for EV infrastructure.  

Tackling the e-Mobility challenges head-on

The shift away from internal combustion engine cars is accelerating, and with it, the urgency to establish comprehensive commercial charging infrastructure. However, this expansion is not without challenges. A significant hurdle is the strain on energy grids, now facing increased electricity demands from growing EV fleets. Our solution is innovative load and energy management software designed to mitigate grid-upgrade backlogs and prevent power shortages at charging stations.

Innovating for a smarter future

At FLEXeCHARGE, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the EV charging sector. We offer advanced load and energy management services through an open platform that interfaces with EV charging hardware and charge point management systems. This vendor-independent approach facilitates the integration of both AC and DC chargers into a unified load management platform. Our platform reduces charging costs by leveraging local renewable energy storage systems and flexibility markets for optimized energy use.

Read more about our platform here.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Robert Brehm, sheds light on how the seed funding will enhance our technological leadership: "We will be able to enhance our smart charging platform, elevating it to the next level by providing charge point intelligence for Charge Point Operators (CPOs). This enhancement includes infrastructure power flow analytics, leading to projections of power demand and flexibility based on these analytics. Consequently, our customers will be able to participate in Frequency Response Control (FCR) Services and Energy Exchange, and offer time-of-use-based tariffs. We will be the first to release a charge scheduler capable of managing multiple EVs, scheduling EV charging in accordance with Frequency Response Bids and dynamic energy tariffs."

He adds, "We will further extend our hardware interfaces to allow for richer system integration options. Our specific focus will be on the integration of stationary batteries, which we see as a crucial component of charging infrastructures for buffering peak loads at grid connection points. Finally, for our Charging Solutions Providers customer segment, we will offer analytics to trace the performance and cost efficiency of our smart charging solutions.”

In very short: it is going to be a busy year!

Our open, vendor-agnostic platform

Empowering our customers

Our platform goes beyond cost reduction. It empowers charge point operators and solution providers with independence from management system and hardware providers, facilitating informed energy purchasing decisions and driving operational efficiencies. For example, Team Energie, a charge point operator from northern Germany and Viggo Energy, a Danish charge point operator specialised in fleets, benefit from our solutions, achieving improved energy and load management, resulting in operational costs cutting. As Momme Klockenhoff, e-mobility lead at team energie puts it: “Implementing Peak Shaving with FLEXeCHARGE was a breeze - it's user-friendly, cloud-based setup and management made the process seamless. We've significantly cut down on performance costs, avoiding spikes in electricity usage during peak hours. It’s efficient and does exactly what we need!”. Read the full Team Energie case here.

Fuelling our growth: the seed funding impact

The seed funding round marks a significant step forward for us. It enables us to enhance our mission of building the most advanced load and energy management platform for grid integration at large-scale commercial charging sites. We are now focusing on bringing innovation from the residential market to the commercial charging sphere, facilitating large-scale optimization across various sites.

We are also excited to strengthen our teams across operations, sales, and marketing. The appointment of Christophe Lephilibert as our new Director of Marketing is a testament to this growth. Christophe’s extensive experience in e-mobility, energy, and technology, gained at leading companies like Wallbox, Fortum and Nokia, will be instrumental in driving our expansion.

Featured in the media

We have been lucky to draw the attention of a long range of media with the news of our funding. you can dig into the full list below:

Our path forward

This funding round is a vital step in our journey to transform sustainable mobility. With strong support from our investors and a clear vision, we are poised to make a substantial impact on the green transition of mobility. As the e-mobility landscape evolves, FLEXeCHARGE is set to play a crucial role in shaping a smarter, greener transportation ecosystem that benefits society as a whole. Join us on this exciting journey as we charge ahead into a sustainable future.

Enough reading! Here is a short video about on our Seed Round announcement:

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