Jun 27, 2024
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CPOs infrastructure across Europe - June overview

The last few weeks have brought a lot of news about the electric vehicle market, especially with the protectionist move by the EU with the Chinese cars manufactures, with additional duties up to 38.1% starting in July - on top of EU 10% car duty -, with the aim of reducing the pricing competition. 

Looking into EV sales in Western Europe in the first quarter of 2024, EV market share stalled at 14.4%. However, it is expected that EV car sales will boom from now until 2030, with around 9 million a year relying on new and cheap mass-market vehicles - coming or not from China.

Last month, CPOs kept strengthening their networks across Europe, offering fast and ultra-fast charging, to make the EV charging experience seamless now and when our roads will be full of electric cars and trucks. 

Let’s have a look at the summary of CPOs’ latest news in Europe.

CPOs news in Northern Europe

  • Allego: With new openings in the UK - at Bristol Gold, on the A432 highway between Swindon and Bath, 2 ultra-fast 150kW charging points. 
  • Eviny Danmark: This CPO is strengthening its network in Denmark with the result of 4 new fast charging points at Tistrup Torv with up to 180 kW capacity, and a number of AC charging points established in 8 central locations of Varde Municipality.
  • Fastned: It opened a new station in Smokkelpad, Denmark, with 4 charging points and up to 400 kW.
  • IONITY: The company is enhancing its network in the UK, where it currently has 29 charging hubs with 204 ultra-fast 350 kW charging points. 16 new hubs with 186 ponts are under construction, which means 700 high power charging points across the country over the next 12 months, both at grey spots for charging and at convenient sites with different services. Some of the most recent openings in the UK were in Lewes, East Sussex, with 6 points, and in Greenock, Scotland, with new 12 charging points. The same number of points in its new station in Bodø, Norway, 8 new points in Karlskrona and other 6 in Borlänge, Sweden, and its new station in Kemijärvi, Finland -above the Arctic Circle, with 6 points-, show the company’s commitment to electric mobility in Northen countries.
  • PowerGo: Their biggest charging hub in Denmark is open, with 16 charging points in total, 8 AC and 8 DC up to 150 kW, in Ikast. PowerGo celebrates having reached the milestone of 1,500 running charging points across Europe, and announces the installation of 1,600 charging points in Denmark within the next two years.
  • Uno X: The company keeps strengthening in the Nordics, reaching 260 hypercharger connectors at 55 locations in Norway and Denmark. Their last new stations are in Ullern and Vestby -Norway-, and Lægårdsvej -Denmark.

CPOs news in Central Europe

  • Allego: It continued his expansion in Belgium, with 8 new ultra-fast charging points at Maastrichtersteenweg, in Tongeren, and another 6 ones at P+R Terlaemen, between Lummen and Genk.
  • Atlante: This CPO is strengthening their partnership with Group Duval with a new opening in Saint-Chamond, France, and the agreement of powering up 1,200 charging points at 130 Duval’s stations across this country by 2025. Moreover, Atlante celebrated the inauguration of a new EV charging station at Melliac, on the A10 north of Bordeaux, with 15 ultra-fast charging points with CHAdeMo and Type 2 connectors.
  • Bump: Keeping its growth in France, Bump has announced very interesting partnerships, such as the extension of its deal with SEGRO, to deploy new 294 charging points at 52 sites, some of which are pre-equipped for the rapid addition of EV chargers. But this is not the only partnership extension in the last few weeks: Bump and ENGIE Vianeo go further, offering multi-services to carriers and fleets, in addition to some special prices already in place. The CPO has also been appointed by Enedis -with Resonance- to take over the operation and supervision of 3,500 of its existing charging points, as well as deploying 4,500 new ones.

Regarding other new charging points, this month Casino supermarket in Saint-Brieuc counts with 8 new points, four of them are delivering up to 150 kW. 

  • DRIVECO: The company keeps enhancing the charging infrastructure in France adding charging points the car parks of the Carrefour Market stores in Laval, Ernée, Changé les Laval, Vimoutiers, and L'Arbresle. DRIVECO celebrated the electrification of over 100 Carrefour Market.
  • Electra: This CPO opened its first charging station in Switzerland a few weeks ago, close to many sky resorts, in Collombey, in the Valais region. Electra announced that this is the first one out of 100 charging stations they are planning to build in Switzerland by 2026. The French and Belgium markets keep growing with new partnerships, such as Restaurants Colmar, that will add more ultra-fast charging points for Electra’s network. But for Belgium, Electra has big plans for developing its network of fast-charging stations in the country with €75 million just raised in “green loan”. In France, Electra will also set up 18 Vinci Autoroutes rest areas, 174 charging points by this year on the A7, A9, and A10 motorways. Germany is another key country for Electra, where the company extends its deal with Accorinvest to deploy ultra-fast charging stations with 4-6 points at each AccorIvest hotel in the country. The first ones will come into service this year. In general, Electra has more than 250 charging stations already operating in Europe, and another 1,000 stations under development.
  • Eleport: A partnership between Eleport and Carrefour will add 170 charging points to the Polish network. These points will be at over 70 commercial facilities located in 65 cities. 
  • ENGIE Vianeo and EVBox: The collaboration between both companies made possible the first 480 kW ultra-high-power station for electric trucks at La Glanande Lamare Laroche, in France. This station was set up as a partt of an Early Adopter Program (EAP) that was created to evaluate the product prior to its launch on the highway network connecting Paris to Lyon.
  • EVzen: This CPO is deploying more than 3500 charging points across France, with 17 new ultra-fast charging stations in the last weeks. 
  • Fastned: New charging station in Zonnebeke Polderhoek, Belgium, with 4 chargers of up to 400 kW.
  • IONITY: Munich, Germany, was the selected location to test the automated EV charging solution ROCIN-ECO coordinated by IONITY with the collaboration of its partners AUDI AG and TÜV SÜD, and affiliated partners: Porsche AG, BMW AG, Ford, Marquardt, AVL GmbH, Huber+Suhner AG, and ROCSYS. More openings in Oberhonnefeld, Germany, Koszalin, Poland, Lyss, Switzerland, Authezat and Nieppe, France, and additional chargers in multiple stations across Europe, are just some examples of IONITY’s expansion in our continent.
  • Powerdot: This CPO announced its expansion into Belgium, with already 6 charging stations installed in the country.  
  • PowerGo: It installed an ultra-fast charger of 240 kW combined with a 600 kWh battery in Den Oever, Netherlands, to store energy to be used for a later charging session or to relieve electricity grid at peak moments. Same system was set in other locations, such as Klazienaveen.

CPOs news in Southern Europe

  • Atlante: As announced last month, this CPO is improving the fast charging, especially in Italy, with 2 new openings in Padua and another one under construction. Also a new milestone was achieved in June: with the inauguration of Torino Airport charging station with 19 charging points, Atlante exceeds 50 points of charge in Italian airports. And more good news coming from this CPO, as it was the winner of the first tender in Italy for the design, construction, and management of over 90 ultra-fast charging points for Autostrade per l’Italia, located in 8 service areas and with solar panels and energy storage systems. 
  • Be Charge: It keeps expanding in Italy with new 158 charging points throughout the country, in strategic locations in Savona, Verona, Bergamo, Venezia, and many others. Also, thinking of the EV future drivers -kids- and their native power to expand emobility awareness among their parents, Be Charge has inaugurated the Scuola Guida Futuro, an electric toy car school for children in Leolandia.
  • IONITY: The company installed new chargers up to 350 kW in Puerto Lumbreras, Spain, providing ultra-fast charging to any EV driver in the region of Murcia, and expanding their network across the country.  

Charging stations with clean energy and a battery storage system are more common in the new openings. CPOs are getting ready to deal with electricity grid peaks at the same time looking for making their charging sites more profitable.  

If you think we have overlooked any major network enhancements,, or if you are a CPO who want to submit their own news to us, please email hello@flexecharge.com.

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