May 28, 2024
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CPOs infrastructure across Europe - May overview

Their is no doubt about the important role of Charging Point Operators in the electric mobility transition, especially regarding the adoption of EVs, thanks to their effort to make charging solutions accessible to everyone. As one of the main concerns of EV users is charging speed and cost, CPOs have taken over the reins to deliver fast and ultra-fast charging in strategic locations to reinforce their infrastructure. 

The present and future of EV charging develop at ultra fast speeds, always prioritising the needs of the users, following European regulations, and with the aim of making charging sites more profitable.  

Here we summarise the news about the main CPOs infrastructures in Europe.

CPOs news in Northern Europe

  • Allego: This CPO is strengthening in northern countries. Conquering Finland, a new station with 8 ultra-fast charging points at Kärsämäki is now available. Kungsbacka, in Sweden, opened another 8 ultra-fast charging points hub. In Denmark, Allego counts with a new charging station at Schiphol Noord, next to the airport; and a six-connectors station with a variety of charging speeds at Aarup. EV drivers in the UK, heading Northampton from London, can now charge at exit J15A off highway A45. 
  • Eleport: Announced the biggest hub in the Baltics, with its opening in Akropolis Kaunas, Lithuania, with 40 charging points with different charging speeds. 
  • IONITY: Extended its network in the UK, with 12 high-power charging points in its new charging station in Bodmin, Cornwall. Denmark is another targeted country for IONITY, where a new 12 fast charging points station was opened in Mors, and Billund station was upgraded from 8 to 12 charging points. In Norway, the CPO opened a new charging station in Sandnesporten with 20 charging points.
  • Uno X: With 5 new openings in Norway in the last few weeks, Uno X keeps strengthening in the Nordics, reaching 248 hypercharger connectors in 52 locations in Norway and Denmark. Their last new stations are in Kolsås, Ørebekk (Fredrikstad), Lura (Sandnes), Thorøya (Sandefjord), and Sandmoen (Trondheim).

CPOs news in Central Europe

  • Allego: Last month Allego announced its expansion into Poland and its first charging station is already open at exit Mińsk Maz along the A2 highway. Austria has a new Allego’s hub at the Dehner Garten Center, just off Highway A9, exit 188. Verviers, in Belgium, sums another 4x ultra-fast charging points, at exit 6 on the E42. And Wassenaar station, in the Netherlands, has upgraded with 3 double chargers, which means 10 charging points for any electric car around.
  • Atlante: This CPO keeps its growth strategy in France and Italy, announcing that Chargemap network is now compatible with Atlante latest remote charge feature.
  • Bump: A new station has been opened in May, at Les Oliviers shopping centre, in Châteauneuf-les-Martigues. 3 double chargers with different charging speeds are now available for any EV driver.
  • DRIVECO: celebrated 88 new charging points last month in France, distributed in 22 new charging stations, strategically located at some car dealerships, supermarkets, and campsites.
  • Electra: The company celebrates 40 charging stations in Belgium, with its last opened in Anderlecht, at the Riverside Business Park.  
  • Eleport: Enhanced the charging infrastructure in Poland with 111 new charging points in 58 new locations across the country. Eleport Polish network consists of 435 charging points in 24 cities, such as Ruda Śląska, Bytom, Tarnów, Tychy, Warsaw, Szczecin, and Częstochowa.
  • ENGIE Vianeo: Opened 2 new charging stations in France, on the A52 motorway between Aix-en-Provence and Aubagne.
  • Fastned: EV drivers can enjoy its new ultra-fast charging station in Tienbaan, the Netherlands, just on the border with Germany. In Belgium, Fastned celebrated the opening of its 30th station, at Carpool Jabbeke-Oost.
  • IONITY: There has been a lot of activity in Central Europe in the last few weeks. The Netherlands has a new charging station in Steenwijk, between Utrecht and Leeuwarden, and additional charging points at Breda and De Kroon stations. There are two new charging stations in France, in Auray and Bergerac. Germany counts now with 42 new charging points distributed in 4 new stations in Breuna, Quickborn, Aichstetten, and Zella-Mehlis. On the way from Salzburg to Vienna, Ansfelden new station has 6 charging points to any Austrian or visitor EV driver. These last weeks, IONITY reached the milestone of 50 high power charging points in Poland, with its last opening in Skawina.
  • PowerGo: They keep expanding their network in Denmark with their new “Pendlerplads Jyllandsgade” hub: 8 x AC and 8 x 150 kW charging points; their biggest charging station in this country. 
  • SWIO: New charging station at the Centre National Sportif et Culturel COQUE, in Luxembourg, with 4 double charging points. 

CPOs news in Southern Europe

  • Allego: It keeps expanding in Italy with a new charging station in Trezzano sul Naviglio, at the A50, with 2x ultra-fast connectors.
  • Atlante: The company has received €17 million from the EU to install over 700 fast and ultra-fast charging points distributed among 44 charging hubs in Italy, all powered by 100% renewables. Also, the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) has been a main actor this month. Mobi.e and Pingo Doce supermarkets are now Atlante’s partners to grow electric mobility in these countries. Bragança, in Portugal, was the location chosen for Atlante to open its first ultra-fast station co-funded by the European Union.
  • bp pulse: Announced a new project of a 20 charging points station in Fuentes de Oñoro, Spain, with Iberdrola: 16 charging points for passenger cars and 4 for electric trucks.
  • IONITY: Albergaria-a-Velha charging station, in the Aveiro region, now has 4 additional charging points, 6 in total. 

In the last few weeks, the industry has experienced some changes in its strategies. IONITY, with its new CEO, is focused on the digitalization of their customers offers. At the same time, recent partnerships made by Allego or EVBox will be key to enhancing zero-emission travel for cars and trucks and ensuring excellent service across Europe.

New milestones from Shell -doubled the number of charging points during 2023 to a total of 54,000- and PowerGo- over 500 new charging points in the last six months in Europe in May- are just another example of the fast development of the charging network in our continent.

If you think we have missed any major network expansions, or if you are a CPO and would like to send us your news directly, please email

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