Apr 29, 2024
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CPO Network Expansion - April overview

This month has been full of activity in the EV charging sector in Europe. 13 April the new Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) was implemented, meaning that the public charging stations installed after that day must already comply with some of the new requirements, such as displaying transparent pricing, integration of user-friendly payment systems, and availability of digital connectivity in certain sites.

CPOs have been specially active, with strategic partnerships, entering or reinforcing their infrastructure in new markets, adding new sites and chargers in tactical locations, with special emphasis in fast and ultra-fast charging.

We highlight some news from the main CPOs by regions.

Northern Europe

  • Allego: A new ultra-fast hub with six charging points was opened in Frimley, UK, conveniently located at Cedar Lane Car Park, on the M3. 
  • Circle K: K Vädermotet charging site, in Göteborg, Sweden, has been shortlisted in the Top 10 for the "The Best EV Hub in the World".
  • Eviny: The Norwegian company arrives in Denmark opening its first charging station up to 360 kW capacity in Aarhus.
  • IONITY: The Nordics are an important market as shown by its new milestone of 250 high power charging points in Sweden; its expansion in Norway, with additional chargers in locations such as Nordkjosbotn or Setermoen; and its new pricing scheme in Finland, charging per kWh instead per minutes.
  • PowerGo: A new station with fourteen ultra fast charging points in Lillebælt Syd, Denmark. 
  • Uno X: The expansion of the Uno X ultra-fast charging network in Norway is unstoppable, with new openings in Biri, Grålum, Hovland (Larvik), reaching 226 hypercharger plugs in 47 sites in Norway and Denmark. Their commitment to make the transition to electrified heavy-duty transport easier is shown with their recent acquisition of TungBil Lading AS, a key player in the heavy vehicle charging sector. 

Central Europe

  • Allego: Already announced its expansion into Poland for this year. We will communicate more details regarding this launch as soon as they are released. 
  • Atlante: The company is strengthening its network in France, with 98 new charging points added since January and more coming thanks to its new deal with Emil Frey France car dealer, to install 80 fast charging stations at its branches by 2025. 
  • Bump: It continues its deployment in France with three new stations opened in April at Super U Chantonnay, Pouzauges and Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, and a new partnership with Banque des Territoires to deploy ten thousand charging points for professionals and reduce the carbon footprint by more than 40K tonnes of CO².
  • DRIVECO: Enhanced the charging infrastructure in France with 68 new charging points in 16 stations put into service last month.
  • Electra: Partners with AMAG Energy & Mobility to advance electric mobility in Switzerland, with the project of a new common fast charging station in May. At the same time, Electra, Zeplug and ChargeGury join forces to encourage the zero emissions mobility in France. Another partnership between Electra and Colissimo has been announced, to install one hundred stations by the end of the year to facilitate roaming charging for all Colissimos’ electric delivery vehicles. Also, 6 charging points have already been opened -out of 20 projected- in the Alps area: Peillon, Contes, and Escarene. Electra arrived in the Netherlands with the plan of installing 600 charging points in 100 sites in the next years. 
  • ENGIE Nianeo: Equips France's 7 center parcs estates with charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • EVzen: Focused in the French market, EVzen announced a new partnership with the Group SESYCLAU to install ultra-fast chargers at Cher et the l’Indre supermarkets. 
  • Fastned: Belgium is the country chosen to open the first Fastned shop, at Brecht station. Also, EV drivers in Halen can now charge in Fastened new site with four charging points up to 300 kW. Same power can be delivered at Bolder new station, with eight chargers, in the Netherlands.
  • IONITY: The company is increasing their charging points in several countries. France opened a new station in Vivone, and additional chargers in La Garde. Additional chargers also in Tolnegen Noord and Overbroek in the Netherlands, Hohenems and Göttlesbrunn, in Austria, and at station MOP Olsze in Poland (E75). Germany counts  a new site in Knüllwaldon with 12 charging points, and six additional ones in Meerane. 
  • Powerdot: The company announced in mid April that it has exceeded 4,000 active charging points in France since March 2021, with a total of 740 stations. A new milestone in the expansion of their network not only in France, but in Central Europe. 
  • PowerGo: They are actively expanding their charging network in Belgium with two charging points of 120 kW in Bilzen, Limburg, and the announcement of 40 more between 22 and 320 kW in the coming months. 

Southern Europe

  • Be Charge: Continuous to expand its charging network in Italy, activating 232 new charging points across the country in locations such as Viterbo, Caserta, Agrigento, and many more.
  • EVBox: Partners with EAVE to install 10,000 public and residential charging points in Spain by 2025.

EVs registrations in Europe keep growing in Q1, and CPOs are extending their networks and adopting the new European laws to ensure accessibility to the EV charging infrastructure, but also increasing the offer of fast and ultra-fast charging points all across Europe. Also, 

global European strategies guarantee the path to zero emissions mobility, such as Allego and Ford's new deal to place ultra-fast chargers at hundreds of dealerships in the continent.

If you believe there are significant network expansions we may have overlooked or you are a CPO who wants to directly send us your news, please feel free to contact us by email at hello@flexecharge.com

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