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Electrive LIVE: Peering into the Future of EV Charging

On March the 19th, I had the pleasure to be invited by Electrive to their online conference “Peering into the Future of EV Charging”. It was an honour to be presenting alongside prominent and innovative names within the industry, and humbly contributing to crafting a vision for the future.

Here are my are my takeaways from the conference.

Moritz Fehlow from Mer Germany: Sustainability as a cost-Saver

The electric horizon is brightening, with the fusion of energy and mobility sectors under the banner of "Future of Charging". Moritz Fehlow from Mer Deutschland kicks off the discussion with a powerful assertion: sustainability in e-mobility isn't just a noble pursuit; it's a financial game-changer. The key lies in the "when" and "how" of harnessing renewable energy for EV charging. By aligning charging activities with the availability of green energy, we can dodge the costly bullets of grid upgrades and peak-time tariffs. It's not just about being green; it's about being smart and economical.

Marcus Fendt from The Mobility House: The vision of free charging

The Mobility House takes us a step further into the future, where charging your EV could cost you nothing. Yes, you read that right - zero emissions, zero cost. Imagine a world where smart charging and energy management systems allow us to tap into the cheapest, greenest energy, potentially turning the cost of driving down to nil. It's not just about saving pennies; it's about reimagining the economics of mobility.

Ludwig Hohenlohe from Charging Radar: The current state of Play

Ludwig Hohenlohe provides a reality check with the latest figures on the charging landscape. The majority of chargers are still AC, but DC is catching up, with high-power chargers becoming increasingly common. Yet, it's not just the quantity that matters but the usage patterns. Big cities and major highways are becoming hotspots of charging activity, revealing the need for a more strategic deployment of charging infrastructure to meet the real demand.

Arne Meusel from Cirrantic: Rethinking payment solutions

Arne Meusel introduces Cirrantic's new wallet solution, aiming to streamline the charging experience. With myriad payment options available at charging stations, the goal is to bring them all under one digital roof, making EV charging as hassle-free as possible. It's about simplifying the user journey from route planning to payment, ensuring EV drivers can charge their vehicles without jumping through hoops.

FLEXeCHARGE’s vision: Beyond load management

I discussed how our company is pushing the boundaries of what's possible with load & energy management. They're not just looking at individual sites but at the entire network of a charge point operator, creating a "Virtual Power Plant" ready system. This approach not only optimizes energy usage but also opens up new revenue streams by leveraging the flexibility capacity of charging networks.

Panel Discussion: The road ahead

The concluding panel delves into the complexities of Germany's fragmented grid system and explores how standardization, rather than consolidation, could be the key to smoother operations. The discussion highlights the importance of moving from theory to action, learning from the early ripples of electrification to pave the way for a more integrated and user-friendly charging ecosystem.

In essence, the Electrive LIVE event painted a picture of a future where EV charging is not just an extension of the energy sector but a pivotal part of a sustainable mobility ecosystem. The insights from the industry leaders invited to present underline the need for innovation, collaboration, and a user-centric approach to truly drive the EV revolution forward.

A special thanks to Electrive and all the participants for an engaging and insightful discussion on shaping a sustainable and efficient future for electric vehicle charging.

Dive into more details in the full version of Electrive’s article here (NB: the article is in German, so use your browser to translate the article).

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