Apr 16, 2024
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Powering progress together: The FLEXECHARGE and Ekoenergetyka Partnership

At FLEXECHARGE, we are excited to embark on a partnership with Ekoenergetyka, a leader in the EV charging sector renowned for their innovative fast-charging solutions and robust growth. As pioneers in the industry, both our companies are driven by a shared commitment to sustainability, technological innovation, and enhancing the charging experience for electric vehicles globally.

Who is Ekoenergetyka?  

Founded in 2009 in Poland, Ekoenergetyka has established itself as a key player in the development of high-power charging solutions for buses, trucks, and cars. Their expertise in producing and developing direct current (DC) charging points has set them apart in the e-mobility market, catering primarily to Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and truck depots across Europe.

Our combined vision

The essence of our partnership lies in our joint vision to address the increasing challenges and demands of the e-mobility landscape. As Ekoenergetyka expands its portfolio of high-power charging stations, the need to efficiently manage the various charge points becomes crucial. This collaboration enables us to integrate Ekoenergetyka’s new hardware, the SAT 400, with FLEXECHARGE's advanced load and energy management platform, HARMON-E, offering a comprehensive solution that not only enhances charging efficiency but also maximizes operational profitability through peak shaving and better energy utilization.

Why this partnership?  

In an engaging discussion, representatives from Ekoenergetyka shared insights into the strategic alignment with FLEXECHARGE. “The more charging points we deploy, the higher the need to manage the load of charge in different charging points to provide peak shavings,” noted Petter Sigmundsstad, Key Account Manager at Ekoenergetyka. This partnership aims to empower our customers by providing both the hardware and the innovative software necessary for effective load management tailored to their unique needs.

Empowering Charge Point Operators

Our collaboration is set to help CPOs optimise their stations and network. By combining Ekoenergetyka’s charging infrastructure with our smart energy management systems, CPOs can expect a significant upgrade in how they operate. Our integrated solutions are designed to optimize energy consumption, reduce operational costs, and improve overall service quality, making fast-charging more accessible and efficient than ever before.

Looking ahead

As we move forward, our focus remains on pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the EV charging industry. Robert Brehm, our CTO, elaborates on the future impact of our joint efforts: "This strategic partnership is not just about merging technologies; it's about setting a new standard in the industry and ensuring that fast charging becomes more accessible, efficient, and reliable."

We invite you to watch this video for a better understanding of this partnership:

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