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Customise your load management to ensure that it fits your needs and deploy it to all your sites, with minimal effort. A new powerful blueprint for scaling your network.

Charging station

A range of features covering your needs and enabling new differentiating services

Adaptive Charging

Adaptive charging intelligently detects fully charged vehicles, redistributing currents to others. It adjusts to actual vehicle currents, minimizing unused allocations for streamlined efficiency.


Optimize charging with preferences based on time, energy, or RFID. Adapt to unique scenarios, ensuring efficient power distribution and tailored solutions for diverse infrastructures.

DNO Control

DNO Control gives the distribution network operator (DNO) the possibility to regulate the power output of the charging infrastructure in case of a significant grid imbalance.

Peak Load Reduction

Peak Load Reduction ensures minimal grid capacity fees by automatically setting a demand threshold based on the average utilisation and ensuring that the charging currents are kept below.

Multi-level Clustering

Multi-level clustering mirrors your system's actual wiring topology, ensuring precise load management. With power meters for each subcluster, achieve accurate monitoring in complex situations.

Building + PV Integration

Integrating buildings and PV systems to streamline energy consumption, harnessing solar power for daily operations. This maximizes efficiency, reduces costs, and promotes sustainable energy use.

Static Scheduler

Set the maximum power available for charging your fleet based on the electricity price, to keep your energy bill under control.

Battery Integration

Battery integration boosts charging infrastructures, storing energy for peak demands. It optimizes charge cycles, reduces grid stress, and meets fluctuating energy needs.

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Smart Tariffs

Charge based on tariffs, adjusting to energy prices. Ensuring cost-effective charging, optimizing expenses, and promoting efficient energy consumption.

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Customize your modular 
load management

Whether you need static or dynamic load management, building, battery, or solar integration, with our microservices, you can craft your perfect load management system.

Load Management

Static load management refers to a fixed/static maximum load capacity for the charging infrastructure. This is usually the case when a separate grid connection point for the infrastructure is present.

Load Management

By dynamic load management, we refer to a flexible/dynamic maximum load capacity due to uncontrollable loads in the charging infrastructure. This is the case when building loads or renewable energy assets are connected to the same grid connection point as the charging infrastructure.

We bake innovation & our extensive experience into a unique platform

Simple Setup

With access to your infrastructures from anywhere, you can setup any load management through the Harmon-E platform within minutes


Easily change any charging policies or add new features at any time.


Decentralized microservice stack with self-contained services, proactive monitoring, auto-maintenance, and integrated load balancing.

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