Charge Point Intelligence for 
Charge Point Operators

We provide Charge Point Operators with a powerful, vendor-agnostic platform to intelligently manage load and energy on growingly complex charging sites.
Improve your bottom line, scale smoothly and future-proof your charging infrastructures, thanks to our advanced load & energy management solutions and our expertise.

CPOs trusting our technology and expertise

Helping you to optimise your charging infrastructure.

We help you to scale your network

A vendor-neutral load & energy management platform, with a unique architecture. Quick to deploy across all your sites to ensure seamless scalability, no matter their layout. And you get a load & energy expert by your side as a bonus.

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Make your charging operations more profitable

Minimize grid upgrade costs, optimize energy use, and enable participation in flexibility markets, all while providing comprehensive data access for strategic infrastructure management.

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Develop new services for EV drivers

Leverage our innovative features - like “Priority charging” for example - to create new services that will delight your customers. Through articles, white paper and webinars, we commit to inspire and educate our customers to help them to get the best out of our platform.

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HARMON-E, the powerful load and energy management platform

A central hub that combines data, configurations, and control into one intuitive panel. Simplify your energy management, optimize efficiency, and experience the future today.

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One Service Cockpit

All your charging sites in one single view.

One central data hub

All data in one place, accessible with a smooth navigation & UI

"Virtual Power Plant" ready

Leverage our API to control your entire portfolio.

Tailored load management connectors for all your sites

To connect your charging infrastructure to the Platform, we offer two types of connectors. Choose depending on each individual site's needs.

Local load management

Integrate charging stations with local energy assets like buildings, PV-systems, or stationary batteries, thanks to the Gateway Connect for truly dynamic load management.

Cloud load management

Integrate charging stations directly with the FLEXeCHARGE Platform for quick and efficient load management.

Database room

A wealth of features to help you get the most out of your infrastructure

Peak Load Reduction

Peak Load Control ensures minimal grid capacity fees by automatically setting a demand threshold based on the average utilisation and ensuring that the charging currents are kept below.


Optimise charging with preferences based on time, energy, or RFID. Adapt to unique scenarios, ensuring efficient power distribution and tailored solutions for diverse infrastructures.

Multi-level Clustering

Multi-level clustering mirrors your system's actual wiring topology, ensuring precise load management. With power meters for each sub-cluster, achieve accurate monitoring in complex situations.

Contributing to CPOs' success

Viggo Energy
"Our initial success in streamlining operations was just the beginning. We quickly realized the potential to leverage this partnership for more innovative and forward-thinking energy solutions."
Team energie
Implementing Peak Reduction with FLEXeCHARGE was a breeze - it's user-friendly, cloud-based setup and management made the process seamless. We have significantly cut down on performance costs, avoiding spikes in electricity usage during peak hours. It is efficient and does exactly what we need!

Combining local and cloud-based load management

It should not be "either or", but "and". Read how our Gateway Connect revolutionizes edge computing devices and how the proxy architecture combines the best of both worlds, resulting in the perfect orchestration of energy flows on your charging hubs.