Joining forces to provide CPOs a state-of-the-art technology stack

Get your charging stations and battery solutions certified by FLEXECHARGE and add your brand to the list of platform partners. The certification gives you exposure to Charge Point Operators and Charging Solution Providers across Europe which are using our platform.

Certified Manufacturers

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A certification that guarantees quality

Our customers are on the lookout for the most reliable hardware for their technology stack. A well tested and proven compatibility between hardware and software from different vendors forms the foundation for successful rollout and the scalability of this critical infrastructure. Therefore, we offer certification services that build trust through proof. With a certificate of compatibility, you get real, tangible value.


Stay ahead with cost effective interoperability between chargers, batteries & solar systems.

More sales

Win more contracts with our off–the-shelf energy management solution.

Fastest certification

Be ready tomorrow, thanks to the fastest certification process in the industry.

As industry-leading suppliers, it is our duty to form a rock-solid technology stack by confirming interoperability between our solutions.
Let’s work together to service the mobility transition!

Are you interested in becoming a certified partner?

We have the fastest certification process in the industry. There are a few prerequisites you should know before getting started.

If you want to certify a new charging station model, you need to have implemented OCPP 1.6 and the Smart Charging Profiles. This applies to both AC and DC charging stations. If you want to certify your battery storage solution, you need to have a well-documented interface.

We support the following protocols: MQTT, Modbus, OCPP 1.6 & 2.0.1 and API.

High-value partnerships

Beyond certification, we are ready to commit to deeper strategic partnerships, where we proactively promote our partners’ solutions, and they promote ours. Discover some of our most strategic partnerships.