Strengthen your EV charging offering with advanced load & energy management

Streamline EV charging operations with our expertly designed load and energy management solutions. Embrace vendor-independent technology and advanced remote monitoring for efficient, profitable operations. Overcome grid challenges and drive the future of sustainable transportation with ease.
Discover how we can enhance your charging solutions and help you win more deals.

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cutting-edge EV charging solutions

Service costs reduction and empowerment in one platform

Streamline your operations with our all-in-one, user-friendly platform, offering rapid 15-minute site commissioning, advanced remote monitoring, and simplified management across various load and energy systems, all while empowering site owners through intuitive self-service.

Freedom of choice, power of integration

Embrace our vendor-independent approach for unmatched flexibility. Our platform is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of chargers, backends and batteries, ensuring you are not tied to a single supplier. This freedom allows for tailored solutions that fit your unique needs and expand your market opportunities.

Expertise-driven Load & Energy management solutions

Elevate your business with our comprehensive Load & Energy management solutions & expertise, featuring cloud and local management, white-label platform options, and tailored support. Enhance your offering and stand out from competitors with our white label offering.

Beyond Load management: exciting upsell opportunities

Your customers, site owners, have the possibility to optimise their infrastructure through advanced & detailed insights. You can also offer site owners not only a significant reduction in energy costs but also the unique opportunity to actively participate in the flexibility market, enhancing both operational efficiency and profitability. Unlock these advantages to generate extra revenue.

A powerful load and energy management platform

A central hub that combines data, configurations, and control into one intuitive panel. Simplify your energy management, optimize efficiency, and experience the future today.

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One Service Cockpit

All your charging sites in one single view.

One central data hub

All data in one place.

VPP ready

API to control the entire portfolio

Load management solutions tailored to your projects

We understand that each charging infrastructure deployment project is unique, and that they require different solutions. Lean on our innovative offering and our expertise.

Local load management

Integrate charging stations with local energy assets like buildings, PV-systems, or stationary batteries, thanks to the Gateway Connect for truly dynamic load management.

Cloud load management

Go hardware-less. Integrate charging stations directly with the HARMON-E Platform for ultra-flexible load management.

Database room

A wealth of features to help you get the most out of your infrastructure

Adaptive Charging

Adaptive charging intelligently detects fully charged vehicles, redistributing currents to others. It adjusts to actual vehicle currents, minimizing unused allocations for streamlined efficiency.


Optimize charging with preferences based on time, energy, or RFID. Adapt to unique scenarios, ensuring efficient power distribution and tailored solutions for diverse infrastructures.

DNO Control

DNO Control gives the distribution network operator (DNO) the possibility to regulate the power output of the charging infrastructure in case of a significant grid imbalance.


success stories

"FLEXECHARGE has been an invaluable partner in our journey. We've successfully collaborated on multiple projects, and their solutions have consistently met our needs, whether it's for straightforward load management or more complex challenges. FLEXECHARGE's intuitive approach has made a real difference for us.“ - Bastian Gördes, emobility project manager
NWG Charging
While being easy to integrate, FLEXeCHARGE is also a great partner to work with on our projects. With quick response times and helpful guides we can get our infrastructures up and running rather quickly and reliably.

Combining local and cloud-based load management

It should not be "either or", but "and". Read how our Gateway Connect revolutionizes edge computing devices and how the proxy architecture combines the best of both worlds, resulting in the perfect orchestration of energy flows on your charging hubs.