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Cloud Load Management

There is no need to install the GWC for static LMS; simply connect your chargers directly to the FEC Platform and enjoy all the same features as with the GWC connect.

Get Started
Set up rapidly

Zero configuration connection due to first-class proxy architecture. Simply change the OCCP URL to deploy the cloud.

Instant load management

Two Clicks enable load management for any connected infrastructure.

Integrate freely

Connect your charging to any service like CPMS systems or energy management.



with one click

No installation requirement, no Hardware cost, reliable load management

Fast setup

Spin up your load and energy management solution on demand for your charging infrastructure - and configure it in no time.

Connect Chargers

Only change the URL in the chargers to connect the chargers to our load management. Ideal for fast deployment and retrofitting.

Reliable service

One dedicated and encapsulated software stack for each and every infrastructure. Hosted on a dedicated server.



load management with 4 clicks

Design you load management remotely in the time it takes you to get a coffee.

Screenshots from the Platform showing load management configuration

Access from anywhere

Every device connected to the cloud can be remotely accessed and managed.

Configure your smart charging

With access to any connected devices, you can configure your load management as you need it.

What our load management can do

Monitor everything

Monitor real-time charging currents, status and receive meaningful notifications of all connected infrastructures.



features and third parties

Connect third-party software to your infrastructure and implement advanced features.

Logos from partners that we support and can integrate

Advanced native features

Seamlessly apply features such as clustering, peak shaving and more to your infrastructures.

Connect third party systems

Easily integrate third-party systems such as backends, fleet, and energy management software.

Stay flexible

With the proxy architecture, there is no need to change existing systems, and swapping out third-party systems can be done quickly and remotely.

Read more on how it works

Read how the FLEXeCHARGE Gateway Connect is revolutionizing edge computing devices and how the proxy architecture combines the best of both worlds.
The coverimage of the Whitepaper for the FLEXeCHARGE Connect.