Uninterrupted power with independent stacks

Our microservice architecture offers seamless charging without hardware limits. Deploy independently and connect universally, with no constraint.

A differentiating 3-layer architecture

The 3-layer architecture enables you to seamlessly connect HARMON-E with your existing technology stack, no matter what CPMS, charger or battery storage providers you use.

CPMS architecture

A unique architecture, 
from many aspects


Each infrastructure is operated by an independent and encapsulated software stack with all required services.


Decentralized microservice stack with self-contained services, proactive monitoring, auto-maintenance, and integrated load balancing.


Each microservice stack is network-isolated with its own networking stack, ensuring no privileged access to host system sockets or other microservices.

Stay flexible with the first truly transparent OCCP Proxy

A central hub that combines data, configurations, and control into one intuitive cockpit. Simplify your energy management, optimize efficiency, and experience the future today.

CPMS architecture


The proxy enables our load management to be applicable to any infrastructure setup. Independent of your charge point management system and charging stations.


Each infrastructure is operated by an independent and encapsulated software stack, which includes all required services, such as the OCPP proxy, the load manager, and interfacing services. Each service is fully self-contained and communicates with other services in an event-based manner.



Easily setup within minutes without changing existing systems. Based on the standard OCCP protocol.

Curious to hear more about our unique architecture?

As the EV market accelerates, it is time to move beyond the standard 2-layer architecture. Our game-changing 3-layer architecture brings the answers not only to today’s but also tomorrow’s challenges faced by EV charging professionals. Want to get more details?