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CPOs Expansion Overview: Strategic Developments in EV Charging Infrastructure

The electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape experienced significant growth in March, with Charge Point Operators (CPOs) extending their networks across various regions in Europe and beyond. This expansion underlines the industry’s commitment to enhancing accessibility to charging solutions, supporting the increasing adoption of EVs. Below, we detail the noteworthy advancements made by leading CPOs, emphasizing their strategic placements and potential impacts on the EV charging infrastructure.

North of Europe

  • Allego: Expanded into Finland (Kärsämäki), Denmark, Netherland, and the United Kingdom (Milton Keynes), adding 6 ultra-fast charge points in Milton Keynes and 8 in Kärsämäki. Veenendaal saw the introduction of 4 ultra-fast and 4 fast charging terminals, broadening the EV charging options in the northern European region.
  • Circle K: Enhanced its presence in Denmark (Horsens), aligning with the growing demand for EV charging solutions.
  • EVBox: Partnered in the Netherlands (with Fastned) to augment the charging infrastructure with4 charge points in De Watering, catering to an expanding EV market.
  • Fastned: Made significant strides in Belgium, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom (Haydock, Knokke Het Walletje, Limburg, Vundelaar, Anderlues), reinforcing the high-speed charging network with 8 300kW charge points in Haydock, 12 400kW charge points in Knokke Het Walletje, 8 400kW charge points in Roevenpeel, 8 200kW charge points in Veenborg, 8 300kW charge points in Vundelaar, 4 400kW charge points in Düren, and 6 400kW charge points in Anderlues.
  • IONITY: Expanded in the UK (Aberdeen and Belfast), Denmark (Korsør), Finland (Pudasjärvi), Norway, and Sweden, supporting the Scandinavian EV infrastructure with new fast-charging stations, including 12 charge points in Aberdeen, 12 in Sveg, 12 in Medemblik, 24 in Gorinchem, 6 in Arjeplog, 24 in Korsor, 11 in Belfast, and 6 in Pudasjärvi.

Central and West Europe

  • Atlante: Established new charging points in France (Montpellier, Coulommiers), contributing to the dense network of EV charging options.
  • Bump: Marked its expansion in France with 6 charge points 22 kW AC in Amiens, highlighting targeted growth in areas with anticipated EV adoption.
  • Driveco: Enhanced the charging infrastructure in France (Saint-Jean-de-Védas, Le Taillan-Médoc, Yzeure) with 22 charge points between these cities, catering to the increasing demand for accessible EV charging.
  • Eleport: Extended its network into Estonia, Lithuania (Valkininkai), and Poland (Tychy), enriching the Central and West European EV charging landscape with 2 x 22kW charge points in Tartu, 3 x 240kW charge points in Valkininkai, and 11 x 22kW charge points in Tychy.
  • Engie Vianeo: Strengthened its position in France (Morainvilliers) with 24 charge points, further supporting the nation's transition to electric mobility.
  • Powerdot: enhanced France (Cholet) 's electric vehicle infrastructure by setting up 4 charge points, delivering a total of 600 kW power, further bolstering the nation's shift to sustainable mobility.
  • SWIO: Advanced into Luxembourg (Bereldange) with 2 x 400kW charge points, emphasizing the importance of developing the EV charging infrastructure in smaller European states.


  • PowerGo: Drove the expansion in Spain (Bizkaia, Alicante) with 2 x 150kW charge points in Bizkaia and 2 x 120kW charge points in Alicante, focusing on enhancing the EV charging facilities in the Mediterranean region.
  • IONITY: Increased its footprint in Italy and Spain with new stations in strategic locations like Rome, Bologna, Genoa, Tarragona, and Cazalegas, facilitating travel for EV users in the Mediterranean climates with 6 charge points in Rome, 6 in Tarragona, 6 in Cazalegas, and additional deployments in strategic locations to support Mediterranean area.
  • Be Charge: Significantly expanded across Italy in cities, bolstering the Italian EV charging network to meet both local and tourist demands with +202 charge points between Cagliari, Mantova, Pisa, and Alessandria, and +393 charge points between Piacenza, Aosta, Reggio Calabria, and Rieti.

These strategic expansions by various CPOs across Europe not only cater to the current demand for EV charging but also lay a robust foundation for the anticipated growth in electric vehicle adoption. The developments in March highlight the industry's commitment to building an extensive, accessible, and reliable EV charging infrastructure, ensuring a seamless transition to electric mobility across diverse European landscapes.

If you think that we missed some notable network expansions, please do not hesitate to send us an email at We’ll make sure to take them into account in future reports.

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