Feb 21, 2024
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Pilot phase: the necessary step that ensures a successful future roll-out

Many organizations face uncertainties in integrating new EV charging solutions into their existing operations. Recognizing this challenge, we always offer a unique opportunity to experience our cutting-edge technology through a pilot project. This initiative allows potential clients to connect their chargers and infrastructures to our platform on a trial basis, showcasing our efficient load management capabilities in a real-world setting. In this article, we delve into the reasons behind choosing a pilot project and outline the process, complemented by firsthand experiences from our customers who've witnessed transformative results.

Next to reliability and scalability, interoperability is a key challenge for many players in the e-mobility eco system. The times where 3 AC chargers were connected to a simple invoicing backend are now long gone and have been replaced by more complex integrations including buildings integration, local energy production and storage, grid operator access, as well as flexible tariffs and demand response. Every extra integration causes concerns for the operators. Our promise is to eliminate that concern by integrating all these hardware and software components seamlessly and intelligently thank to our open load & energy management platform.  

Implementing a pilot project with FLEXeCHARGE is a structured, and, to a very large extend, a standardised process. Starting with a set-up (chargers, CMPS, etc.) and site assessment, to specify integrations and required features. Our technical Onboarding and Support team facilitates the integration of the client's chargers and relevant assets with the FLEXeCHARGE platform.  

The very first step of the process is a simple discussion on the expectations: what does the customer expects to get from this pilot project, and what benefits (savings, reduced commissioning time, etc.) do we expect that the customer can get from it.

The Support team explains about installation, network connection configuration and commissioning. Then, they onboard the customer by presenting load management features and how to navigate and use the FLEXeCHARGE service “cockpit”, as we like to call our platform’s central data management view.  

Adding new chargers to the FLEXeCHARGE platform is a matter of minutes

Usually, at the end of the planning stage, we also agree on the potential roll-out beyond the pilot project. Based on a solid understanding of the customer’s total portfolio of charging sites, challenges and objectives, we define a roll-out plan which could be executed on, once the pilot project has been successfully implemented and shows positive results.

"Working with FLEXeCHARGE during the pilot phase was a solid experience. They were really reactive when it came to addressing our needs and provided good support throughout. It was important for us to check the reliability of their solutions, and when issues popped up, they were quick to jump in and fix them. This hands-on approach was reassuring for us before we considered a broader rollout." - Momme Klockenhoff, head of eMobility at Team Energie

Through these projects, our partners have seen tangible results in terms of operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced load management capabilities. Our approach emphasises not only the technical excellence of our solutions but also their real-world applicability and reliability.  

We encourage potential clients who are considering an upgrade to their EV charging infrastructure to engage in a pilot project with us. It's an opportunity to make an informed decision based on concrete performance data and personalized support, ensuring that the transition to advanced EV charging solutions is both successful and seamless.

For those interested in delving deeper into the world of EV charging solutions, we offer a wealth of additional resources. Our website hosts a variety of detailed case studies, white papers, and technical documentation, providing in-depth insights into the capabilities and benefits of our solutions. We also encourage you to reach out directly to our expert team for personalised consultations or any specific inquiries you may have. Stay updated with the latest trends and developments in EV charging by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on Linkedin and YouTube.

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